Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Probably going to be a bit more of a serious post, self-reflection and journaling combined. 

When I first got word that I might be getting to go back on tour, there was definite excitement. But as it goes, I always know that nothing is definite in the entertainment business until you're actually doing it...or at least gotten paid for it too hopefully. So when things didn't work out for the first PA to go, I was ecstatic to get a confirmation and a check in the mail that I was getting to go. And of all bands, Hillsong United was hiring me through Premier Productions. I couldn't have been more overjoyed. 

When I left, I had a sense of two things oddly: that this was to start a new chapter in my life and a strange feeling someone would die while I was on tour. Weird, I know. 

I always work my butt off no matter what job I am doing of my 9+ jobs. The 18+ hour days are very physically taxing and demanding. You don't get a chance to rest or nap or sleep in. You wake up at 7am and you go go go until 2am, or whenever everyone else gets done so you can go to bed. 

Last week I got news that someone I knew from back home died. I took it a lot harder than I thought I would just because I only really hung out with his brother, but it still hit me a few times. I stuck it out and kept going taking breaks to mourn as needed. I think that it wasn't do much mourning my loss, but more for those I know still here that he left behind. My heart is kinda sensitive that way. 

Now that the tour is done as far as shows are concerned, I head back to Nashville to unload, and then back home to the freezing Atlanta. 

I don't feel like I'm returning to the same Atlanta even though I've only been gone just under a few weeks. I feel like when I get back, God has more great things in store for me. That this was just the beginning of blessings for being faithful and focusing more on Him, and for being obedient. 
Externally, nothing has probably changed in Atlanta, but I feel like I'll have a new perspective on several things when I get back. I'm not sure what those things may be yet. But I'm just as excited with anticipation as I was when leaving for the tour. 

Houston, We Have A Problem...Or Seventy Three

Today was the weirdest day by far all around. We dealt with a lot of different characters (good and bad), had odd issues that we've had no where else ("I'm sorry, we have to check with the fire Marshall to hang a drape to hide all of backstage from being seen."), an offsite box office almost a mile from the venue, catering ran out of food...just plain weird. 

On the bright side, I got to take the pineapple out and about for a bit. 

Check out #welcomezionpineapple for all the pictures on Instagram.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Spin Me Round

The second half of the road trip was rather uneventful for the most part. We stopped near Baton Rouge LA for dinner at a bar/steakhouse. I was very underdressed in my pajamas, but I really didn't care that much about that. 

As we waited to be seated, I went to use the restroom. The bathroom on the bus is a 'no #2' facility, so I like to take advantage of our stops whenever I can. Luckily, I was sitting on the toilet because
As soon as I sat down, my vertigo kicked in. I had to grab the walls of the stall to keep from falling over.  It didn't stop or go away either. 
My world kept spinning as I ate dinner. I'm glad I'd been used to that before, which made it tolerable and manageable. 
We got back to the bus, I found my vertigo meds, and I stayed up for maybe an hour, then just went to bed. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

On The Road Again

We have completed the first half of our trip from Miami to Houston. We are presently seated in a restaurant in Louisiana somewhere. 
The first half of our trip was fun. We had a blast decorating one of the gals on our bus as she slept in the front lounge. 
Items included: Christmas lights, napkins, chocolate balls, twizzlers, pineapple, banana, apple, fork, and a bow on top!!

We also played a game of 'name that celebrity'.  The gal with her glamour magazine would hold up pictures as we would guess who was in the advertisement. The goal of us guessing was not necessarily to say the correct answer, which frustrated the gal with the magazine, but we would 'win' by having the most creative answer. 
Example: pictured in the ad was Julia Roberts. 
Answers ranged from: Emma Watson, Claire Danes, the girl who married Prince Edward, Halle Berry, Jackie Onassis...

We also watched Elf and Home Alone. It was nice to watch those holiday movies now that the Christmas lights are up in the bus. 

CSI Miami : Creativity, Showers, interesting

Yesterday was a fun-filled really eventful day. The Internet kept going down, so I couldn't get any updates uploaded with better real information. The Internet is not working well on the bus either, but hey - I have ten more hours to kill. 

We didn't have to load out on Saturday night, which meant we didn't have to load in or set up either. Also meant we got hotels!!  I got my own room because someone else forfeited theirs. No complaints from me about that!!
I slept eight hours and when I woke up, I decided to have some fun with the #WelcomeZionPineapple. Church out that hash tag on Instagram. 
After a nice warm shower, me and the pineapple took a tour of the town. 
The pineapple even made friends with a coconut!!!
I made a friend too! 
Even 'Violent Ghandi' loves the pineapple!!!
I was even able to convince a few people to pose with the pineapple too!!
At 2pm, we had to work and get things ready. Everything was smooth as gravy until the weather hit. It down poured on us. 
Luckily things cleared up and the show went on only 30 minutes late. 
I had to hang some extra lights too. We had rope light that someone stole, so we did the next best thing: Christmas lights!!
It kinda looked like a Mexican restaurant. 

During the show, someone ran up on stage and yelled, "I love Cuba!"  He was stopped before getting to the band. Whoever was on the mic, recovered with, "We love Cuba too. Who else here loves Cuba?"  The audience broke into loud cheers!!  
Well played Hillsong. 

And now...we are on a fifteen hour bus ride to Houston Texas. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Statues Of Non-Liberty

I saw these statues outside of our venue today.  I had to take five minutes and take a closer look at them.  It was the weirdest thing I've seen in a while.  I still don't get them.  They were of pacifists with guns...I don't get it one bit.

If anyone can explain what these are or what they mean it would be very appreciated.