Monday, November 18, 2013

Just The Facts, Ma'am

Tyler (the other PA on the tour today) had to give a backstage tour to some radio contest winners.  In order for him to do so, I had to collect some information for him to give to them.  Just basic tour information, but at the very least it's interesting and informative!

The tour will be over 1 continent, 2 countries, traveling through 21 states, 17 days, stopping in 12 cities, 5 of which we have already completed if we include today.

Starting in Nashville, and finishing in Nashville we will have traveled approximately 5863 miles for a total of about 106.5 hours driving.

We have 4 buses filled with about 48 people, with 2 trailers hauling laundry, office road cases, chairs, merchandise, drapes, a basketball goal and ping pong table.

There are 275 LED pieces used on the set.  
8 cameras running in real time to the screens which have over 61,000 pixels on just the monitors alone.
That all runs on cable measuring over a 1/2 mile in length.

The video media that runs before, after and during the show took over 50 hours to program.  Everything has to time out from video compared to what is being played on stage perfectly.  If it's off by even a tenth of a second, it has to be fixed or everything that runs after it will also be off.

There are 3 laser fixtures.  Each laser runs at 60 watts and if it reaches your eye, it is damaging and can cause blindness.

There are 9 guitars that are being used and transported from venue to venue.  Hillsong United will go through over 200 guitar strings in just this 2.5 weeks on tour.  All of the band is pumped out into the audience by almost 100 speakers.  The speakers will blare at 103dB.  That is almost the equivalent of a jet plane flying overhead at 100 feet!!

Yep, we like it loud!!

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