Friday, November 22, 2013

The Incredible Journey

Everyday I have to get the free tickets (comp tickets) ready for the promoter and the artists.  When they are ready I have to deliver them to the box office.  Typically I can go up one level and follow signs to the box office.  Today was a bit more of an easy task.

Step 1.  Ask the security guy who works at the venus how to get to the box office.  "Take that elevator up to the second level and follow the hallway to the box office."
Easy, right...?

I go up the elevator, go to the second floor to a twenty square foot lobby with two sets of doors.  Both sets of doors are locked.  So, I go to the third floor thinking, "maybe I heard that wrong and needed to go up 2 floors, not go to the second floor."

The third floor is nothing.  Well, I think it was storage or something.  Not at all where I needed to be.

I go back down to the basement floor and run into two of the venue runners.  I ask them for direction and they bring me to the 4th floor.  The 4th floor is the concourse.  I wander to the left and we find an information booth.  I ask him how to get to the box office...he tells me to take the elevator to the second floor.  "Really??  I just came from there and couldn't even go more than ten feet from the elevator."  He replies, "Well, the second floor is not the same on every elevator.  This second floor goes to a different second floor."

I take the elevator down to the second floor and enter several rooms that keep giving me two options of doors.  Every door I choose, no matter which door, will close and lock behind me.  I get locked into my choices no matter what.  Luckily, I have chosen wisely and was able to find the box office!!  WHEW!!

But the journey does not stop there, no!!

Now I have to get back...I can't go back the way I came from, everything is locked behind me.  So I am forced to ask for directions.
"How do I get back to the loading docks?"
"Go out the front door, go left and eventually you will run into the loading docks."
" do I get back to the loading docks without going outside?"
"You can try the ADA elevator, but it doesn't work until the doors open."
I tried the wasn't working yet.  :(

Outside and around the building I go!!!

Outside is a preshow function from a local radio station.  There are about 3000+ people standing outside in a herd that I now have to break through.  I push my way through the crowd and get 1/4 of the way around the building.

On my radio:
"Webby for Joe"
"Go for Joe"
"I need you to go to the box office and find Ross.  Bring him back with you."

Back through the crowd I go.  Too bad it isn't a crowd surfing group, of I could have just gone OVER the group, instead of through the group.

I push my way through the same exact people.  They got a little frustrated, but oh well.

I get to the box office and ask for the tickets for Ross.  They are not there, but he is standing right behind me.  I explain the situation that we don't have an easy way back...they are ok with it.  We chain gang through the crowd and make it to the stairway at the end of the brick patio area.  We circle half the building and come up to security door D.  We enter and get through security.  We finally get to the Production Office.
Task Complete.
Two birds, one stone.

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