Friday, November 22, 2013


I won in Production Team Bingo against Jennifer Manning and Tyler Porter!!!

-Juggle three items for 20 second
*lucky for me I took a circus training class earlier this year.  We learned the basics of juggling with handkerchiefs.  I used napkins and was able to juggle them to 20 seconds after about 20 attempts.

-Ask a local if Florida is near the ocean
*I was in the ticket lobby and asked a girl if we were near the ocean.  She said we were actually near the bay.  So then I responded by asking if we were in Florida, and if Florida was near the ocean.  She said 'yes' and I immediately crossed of my checklist and walked away without another word.

-Take a selfie with a volunteer
*The very first volunteer that walked into the room got a selfie taken with me.

-Be asked where the towels are
*One of our charity workers with the tour asked me where the towels were.

and the winning square:
-Eat catering at your desk
*I got catering, walked back to the office, and then announced for everyone to watch me take a sweet bite of victory as I took a nibble of my cookie.

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