Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Middle Man

Everyone woke up a couple hours before we arrived in Pittsburgh this morning. I sat down and on my right was one girl, on my left was another girl and a guy. They had troubles hearing each other and communicating over the sounds of the bus traveling. Here is a condensed version of some of the conversation that went on between everyone as that trio was trying to get some work done. 

Tamara: did you respond to that email?
Elizabeth: what...?
T: did you respond to that email?
E: I can't hear you. 
Me: I feel like I'm blocking the communication between you two. Should I move? I feel like the Great Wall of China, not to be racist. 
E: haha, you're ok. 
Me: I guess I'll just translate...
T: did you reply to that email?
Me to E:  answer your emails in a timely manner!!!
T laughs. 
Me to E: she says haha. 
E laughs. 
Me to T: L. O. L. 
T. Oh my god. 
Me to E: OMG. 
E: I'm still thinking of how to respond. 
Me to T: she says, "hmmmm"
E laughs. 
Me to E: ROFL
T puts her hand over her face and shakes her head. 
Me to E: Palm to face. I mean, PTF. 
Peter get up and walks away. 
Peter: ok, I'm done with this. 
Me to E and T: Peter has left the conversation. 

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