Thursday, November 14, 2013

The city that never sleeps...and neither do I this month.

My day in NYC was so amazing and so much fun!  We did a lot in such a short amount of time!

 Our first stop was Lady Liberty herself.  Much smaller than I was expecting, and indoors in a tourist shop.  Very disappointing.  I didn't even go over a body of water, but I did go over a few bodies of homeless people.
The sunset view of the skyline as seen from Central Park in NYC.  Even without any exciting colors, it still looked beautiful!
 I was really hoping to find Narnia.

 The Navy Tunnel was something I was not even aware of.  At night, this place looked surreal, creepy and beautiful all at the same time.  Much like a well lit graveyard.

Standing in a fountain.  They drained it out because of the winter cold that was coming (already here).
 Strawberry Fields.  I didn't see any strawberries, or even strawberry plants.  That was a tad disappointing, but oh well.  Not a big deal...probably couldn't eat any of them anyways.

"Joe Fresh"  No idea what this was for.  It wasn't even the name of the store.

 Grand Central Station.
Standing in Times Square!!  Woohoo!!!!
The Times tower and me!
 We went to see Matilda.  It was such a great play!!  Jenn and I both loved it!!
The only Anchorman 2 sign I could find.  I love how there is a countdown by the minute and second!!  Gonna be such a great movie!!

We also took a taxi, ate at John's New York Pizza, had NY cheesecake, ate a hot dog from a hot dog stand, Radio City Music Hall, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and probably a few other places I don't even remember at the moment, lol.

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