Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Shortest Day

Today we arrived in Pittsburgh kinda late.  We knew that the earliest we could arrive would be about 9:30am.  We didn't get here until 1pm.  1PM!!!!  That gave us half the typical amount of time to do everything we would normally do.  Nothing can really be taken out of our day, because everything that we do needs to be done for things to run smoothly.
Same amount of work, half the amount of time.
Luckily for us we have been doing a few shows together already.  We knew for the most part what each person did and what needed to be done.  We worked very hard as a team and did most of our tasks together which made everything get done a lot faster.  By the time 6pm hit (when doors open) we had just barely had enough time to get everything done.  Yes, everything.  We were even able to do 3 laundry runs to wash towels and some clothes.
As things come to a wrap today, we are all fairly exhausted in the production office.  We are ready and in great need for our day off.  Our hotel has a pool, so if I can find something to wear in the pool - I will be taking advantage of that for sure.
Plus, I think I found a place to buy a 'Joe' shirt tomorrow.  That makes me happy.

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