Monday, November 4, 2013

Packing Problems...maybe I should just wear a hat?

Packing clothes for me is the easy part.  Find a bunch of t-shirts, all the socks and boxers I own and one extra pair of jeans...because nobody really wears jeans only one day in a row unless they get dirty.  But the dilemmas and perplexities for me come in when I have to start packing toiletries.

I am very partial to my Aquafresh.  But how much of it do I need??  I have a partial that enough?  Maybe I should use a new tube to make sure there is enough?  I can't quite measure what is in the tube as compared to what I normally use times 20.  How much I normally use isn't even measurable - that changes every single time.

Same dilemma on volume (pun intended) as I have with the toothpaste.  But I also have accumulated several travel sized/hotel sized shampoos over the years. Do I take the travel shampoos?  Should I take the bottle I just started?  Do I buy a medium sized travel bottle and fill it up?  How many travel shampoos?  Can I combine several different brands of shampoos into one larger container?  Would my hair turn green like on the Brady Bunch if I did combine shampoos?
Maybe I should just wear a hat...?

I bring a new one.  Always.  When I get back home, I finish off the one at home still, then revert to the partially used one.

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