Saturday, November 23, 2013

Miami...You Can Keep Yourami

We arrived here right when we were expected to, so we got a full 5 hours of sleep!  Woohoo!  it's better than yesterday when we were shorted an hour because the bus driver was too good, lol.

We woke up to a very beautiful sunrise over the bay.

It was very beautiful to look at, but it was so hot and humid.  

As soon as we stepped off the bus, it was a sweat shop in the wide open air of the beach.

There was not enough parking in the loading dock area for everything we had.  We have four tractor-trailers, and four busses (two with trailers).  We had to park the busses on the street and unload the trailers from there, push the contents of those trailers about 1/8 of a mile to the venue, then up the ramps into the production office.

Today is the smallest production office I have ever seen or let along had to work in.  
Tyler was just as thrilled to be working in here too!

We have been in several venues now and we typically have about 6-12 dressing rooms available.  Today we have 3.  A men's dressing room, a ladies dressing room, and a green room.  There are also a total of 3 showers for all 50 people on our tour.  I think most people will be taking advantage of our hotel showers instead of the venue showers tonight.

I then had to find the box office.  
I didn't realize the ticketing offices would be the size and shape of actual boxes.  
The left box is for buying tickets, and the right box is for will-call.
This feels like a smurf-sized venue.


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