Friday, November 22, 2013

There Ain't No Show Like A Hometown Show!

Thursday - Atlanta - Finally!!!!

I have been working for the last month on getting some surprises ready for Jenn since we were doing a show in Atlanta.  Jenn LOVES The Walking Dead, so I tried to coordinate some Walking Dead fun for her.
SURPRISE #1 was a Walking Dead shirt featuring Alex Darko (the zombie that ate Lori) that she met a few months ago.

SURPRISE #2 was getting to meet Mary Krans.  My best friend and Walking Dead Zombie.  In the season 3 finale, Mary was beheaded by Michonne in the final few minutes.

SURPRISE # 3 was getting to meet CC Ice.  CC is a walker and a stunt artist on The Walking Dead.  We haven't seen her on screen yet, but she has some big scenes coming up this season!

I was able to finally see some of the show too finally!!  It sounded great and looked great from the front row!!

The lights and stage set-up were great!  lasers and LED lights everywhere.  At the end of what I saw, they had everyone turn on their cellphone lights and turned off all the production lights.  Seeing everything lit only by phone was really cool.

I love that my friends stopped by too!  They are so awesome!!

 CC hanging out in the front row waiting for the show to start:
Me and CC:

Me and Beth:

I wasn't able to get pics with Clarissa or Miriam, but I was happy to see both of them come out too and support the show and the DVD we filmed.

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