Sunday, November 17, 2013


Was 5 hours later than normal to the venue. Still got everything done. 

Got a pressure point massage. It wasn't like a normal massage, all she really did was just press on the muscles. A little disappointed by that during, but I feel better now. 

Connected with more of the crew on our bus by waking up earlier this morning, as did they. I'm typically too exhausted at the end of the night to hang out with them. 

As I got into the shower tonight, I realized I left my shampoo at the last venue. I didn't get a shower per se, but I did at least rinse off which was ok.  

People keep complimenting my Joe shirts. It's kinda nice. 

Tyler, the other PA made a new email for people to submit requests for food to be placed on the bus:

I tried a honey crisp apple today. No wonder they are more expensive!!  I loved it though. 

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