Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Much 'Do About Nothing

The view of 'do on day two, woohoo!!!

At least I got a shower!!!  But I slept on it...meh, maybe it looks like it is meant to be 'rocker' looking?

Found a McDonalds for breakfast!!!  We don't have a morning meal for us, so breakfast is up to each crew member to fend for themselves.  I think I may have someone get me some bananas to keep on the bus.  And honey crisp apples...my dad said they are the best out there.  I should try one (if Canada has apples).

On the Agenda for today: The first show of the tour.  Leave Canada (actually early tomorrow morning).  Plan our day off in NYC.  Buy a few remaining pieces of bus stock.  Work on the Ontario comp tickets.  Eat.

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  1. I see you working hard joy keep chasing your dreams and live'em out stay humble and free joe much love.