Monday, November 25, 2013

CSI Miami : Creativity, Showers, interesting

Yesterday was a fun-filled really eventful day. The Internet kept going down, so I couldn't get any updates uploaded with better real information. The Internet is not working well on the bus either, but hey - I have ten more hours to kill. 

We didn't have to load out on Saturday night, which meant we didn't have to load in or set up either. Also meant we got hotels!!  I got my own room because someone else forfeited theirs. No complaints from me about that!!
I slept eight hours and when I woke up, I decided to have some fun with the #WelcomeZionPineapple. Church out that hash tag on Instagram. 
After a nice warm shower, me and the pineapple took a tour of the town. 
The pineapple even made friends with a coconut!!!
I made a friend too! 
Even 'Violent Ghandi' loves the pineapple!!!
I was even able to convince a few people to pose with the pineapple too!!
At 2pm, we had to work and get things ready. Everything was smooth as gravy until the weather hit. It down poured on us. 
Luckily things cleared up and the show went on only 30 minutes late. 
I had to hang some extra lights too. We had rope light that someone stole, so we did the next best thing: Christmas lights!!
It kinda looked like a Mexican restaurant. 

During the show, someone ran up on stage and yelled, "I love Cuba!"  He was stopped before getting to the band. Whoever was on the mic, recovered with, "We love Cuba too. Who else here loves Cuba?"  The audience broke into loud cheers!!  
Well played Hillsong. 

And now...we are on a fifteen hour bus ride to Houston Texas. 

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