Saturday, November 9, 2013


So I repacked all of my stuff again last night for the third time!!  I keep having better ideas, such as: USE A LARGER SUITCASE because it can actually hold everything!!  SMH.

Last night it occurred to me that I could make my life on the road a little simpler, easier and a tad bit random and spontaneous: I packed all my clothes into one gallon size bags.  One outfit per bag.  When I need an outfit, I can reach into my suitcase and pull out one bag and I have an outfit all prepared and ready to go!!  I may be playing t-shirt roulette, but who doesn't want to live on the edge every once in a while??
I did make sure to pack 3 outfits into Target bags.  The Target bags are 'use first'.  They have warmer clothes for when we will be in Ontario and in NYC.
Another benefit of having my clothes in gallon bags is that any clothes that are not found in a gallon bag - assumed dirty.  I can keep all my clothes together, yet separated!!

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