Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Is My Funday!!

Today was the last day of sleeping in for the month. I slept and stayed in bed as long as I could. Lots of rest before its all work with very little play. 
After loading up two cars with bus stock (food and drinks) and luggage, we drove to the busses to load up the trailers with merchandise and supplies. 
We also had to go to a storage unit and get a juicer. Jenn had tried to get in this unit over and over and could not get the combo on the lock to work. *taking a bow*, I was able to open the lock and rescue the juicer from the clutches of the hollow bay!!
As I write, we just left Nashville about an hour ago. We are on the road, hanging out and sharing 'stories from the road'. 
Man, I love touring!!!

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