Sunday, November 17, 2013

DC is OK by ME.

Second day off on the tour. Spending in Alexandria, just south of Washington DC. 

First order of business was to swim, but the pool didn't open until 3pm.  Reschedule that. 

New first order of business was a nap. Ahhh, sleep. I adore thee. 

Woke up after a couple hours and walked around downtown Alexandria. I walked about 2 miles and passed three different Starbucks. There was one every 5 blocks.  No coffee for me though. 

I walked to Joe Theissman's in hopes of getting a Joe shirt. I called 2 days ago and they said they had them. I was so excited. 10 blocks later, I arrive to find the name Joe does not actually appear on the shirt. It says JT Theissman's. bummer. No shirt. 

Stopped by a burger place on the way back. It was ok. IDR the name of it though, lol. Must not have been that good. 

Got back right at 3pm. I did not pack swim trunks. Hmmmm...genius idea: put on boxer-briefs, pull up the leg part and cover with boxers. Instant swim attire!!!  I was nervous someone would call me out on it on the way there.  Nope. Nobody. 
Once I stepped inside the lifeguard yelled for my attention, "hey you!"  I got butterflies as I looked over. "No food or drink. You need to leave you water on the table away from the pool."  Whew!!  I think she was actually going to call me out on the boxers, but it would have been an awkward conversation had they not been underwear. Awkward for her at least, lol. 

Watching Taken 2 in the hotel room right now and decided on one thing. I'm never going to name my daughter Kim. After Taken and 24, the name Kim seems to mean 'kidnap me a lot'. 

Off to see Thor now. Then if we can find AMC - The Walking Dead!!  

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