Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Things we did today:

John's Pizza!  Authentic NY pizza. It was ok. Idk why people crave it. Glad I tried it though!!  

Times Square!  So much going on, but not as grand as the pictures I see on TV. I didn't even realize we were there while I was staring at the big lighted signs. Maybe its just me. 

Joe's Empanadas!  Closed down. I was going to buy a shirt from them too. Oh well. 

Starbucks!  Got a cup of Joe in NYC. 

Central Park!  Walked around. Took a few pics. Saw a few statues. There was a bridge with a lot of pillars we walked under that was really cool. Also a fountain that was drained that I played in. And Strawberry Fields. 

30 Rockefeller Plaza!  Saw the rink, the tree is being put up. A couple got engaged on the rink and we watched the proposal. 

Radio City Music Hall!  We just walked by it. 

Grand Central Station!  Walked inside. Used the toilet. Bought some amazing cheesecake. 

Broadway!  Watched Matilda. Such a great play with some very talented actors. Loved every minute of it!  Gonna buy me the soundtrack if its available. 

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