Monday, November 18, 2013

Runner Runner

I was thinking of waiting to post all the issues we have had with runners (drivers), but the list is getting too long to remember it all. SMH. 

- a runner shouldn't need a translator. Why can't the translator just drive by himself??

- a runner should be able to drive. Jenn had to have me drive a runner to pick up some people.  

- a runner should know chicken is not on the vegan menu. 

- a runner should know that black does not mean purple, dark blue or red. 

- a runner should understand a 'two pack' is not equivalent to an 'eighty pack' of sausages. 

- a runner should realize that they should pay with the cash handed to them and not use their own personal credit card. 

There is probably more I can't remember at the moment, but I know for sure there will be more to come too!!

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