Friday, November 15, 2013

A Day In The Life...

Most people have no idea what a production assistant would do in a typical day on the road. My schedule loosely is as follows:
7am : wake up and get ready. 
8am : walk through venue, determine who gets which rooms and hang room signs, directional signs, schedules, wifi access and any other signs that may be needed.
9am : set up the production office. This includes road cases, printers, radios, office supplies, a candle, passes and comp ticket box. 
11am : get comp tickets and make sure the rooms are getting set up properly. 
1pm : put ice on all of the buses. 
1:30pm : sort comp tickets and passes for guests. 
4:30pm : make sure the tickets and passes are at the box office. 
5pm : attend to any last minute ticketing issues. 
7pm : stock buses with food and drink. 
8pm : start packing things up and get ready to leave. 
9pm : ice busses again. 
11pm : distribute after show food. 
12am : break down all rooms and collect all room signs. 
1pm : collect everyones dirty towels. 
2pm : busses roll out!  
Notice in there that there is not scheduled times to eat. Eating is not a priority and only gets done when/if time is made for it. 

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