Tuesday, November 19, 2013

By request...

My dad asked me to post some more pictures of the bus.  So here they are!!  :D
This is what our back lounge looks like.  You can fit about 5 people back here.  We use it more for storing our extra luggage and office supplies that we need in the mornings.  There are 3 small closet areas behind the mirrors, a TV with satellite, and a 'cooler' that we have to fill with ice twice a day.

Below is the front lounge, passenger side.  It has one small couch, sink, coffee maker and a #1 only bathroom.  To the left of the couch and un-pictured is a small cooler for drinks and ice.

The other side of the main front lounge of the bus.  A small couch, a table with seating for 2 is in the back.  The table has cup holders to keep drinks from bouncing and spilling.

The front door to the bus...IDK...seemed interesting at 8AM.  Not so much now that I have woken up a wee bit more.

I also took some selfies in the hub cap of the bus:

Mark, our bus driver, and me.  This is just before he noticed that he needed to wipe off the hubcap so his bus looked cleaner in my pics, lol.  ...and, yes, he does look like Sammy Hagar.

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