Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh, What A Night...The First Night.

After getting to sit and watch The Walking Dead and relax for a little while, we all tried our best to get some rest.  Time was fluxing oddly to say the least.
The first time the bus stopped, we were stuck behind a tow truck pulling a car out of the ditch on the highway.  Traffic was at a complete stop as this happened.  We stayed parked on the interstate for close to an hour, if not more.
We were to arrive at customs around 2pm.  We went through customs a couple hours late.  We all woke up just before two only to find out we could have slept a little longer without interruption.  When we finally stopped, we all awoke again - just to find out we were fueling up.  We were still a couple hours from the border.  Driving into the wind with a bus and trailer takes a little longer than projected.
We stopped again, this time we made it to the border!!  We could see Canada, but had to go through customs and declare our cargo.  This only took about an hour.  Half the time we were projecting, which was very nice.
After we made it through the border, we all took another nap.  This time I decided not to set my alarm.  I noticed that when I sleep, I can still feel the bus as it slows and then stops...this wakes me up naturally.  It's kinda nice not having to hear the screeching alarm go off first thing in the morning.

We were approximately 3 hours behind schedule due to everything.  But we are doing well now.  Only a few hours into our day we have been able to buy the remaining bus stock needed.  We have the stage being built.  The green room is almost ready.  Some of the band has already arrived.  Signs have been hung, catering has been had, our office is set up and ready to go!

Not bad for only about 4 hours of sleep cumulatively.

I had a runner bring bus stock back to us.  We had about 7 bags of food and 5 cases of drinks that I needed to keep in a refrigerated area.  Catering let us use their drink coolers.  As soon as I set one case of water in the cooler and came back with a second case (thirty seconds max) our crew already had started taking the bus stock.  I asked them to stop and someone blurts out at me, "You should mark it so we know not to take it!"  I nicely reply, "I am going to, I was only gone ten seconds...I have signs that I can hang once the food is all in here."
SMH, lol.  Not a big deal.  It was just water.  We can get more water quite easily.

So far so good!!  And with all the French accents and Aussie accents, I feel like heavenly voices surrounding me make everything seem a billion times better.  I need to find me an Aussie gal!!

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